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Vets Put Down Rottweiler After His Tongue Stuck in the Chew Toy.

As we say every day, dogs are like kids.  Therefore, they can get stuck in any problem at any time.  So it is the responsibility of the owners to always take care of them.  But unfortunately even the owners miss some things.  Today we are going to tell you about a Rottweiler who faced such an incident.

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To dog owners, their dogs are like their babies.  That’s why they don’t think twice to give their pets everything they need.  But because of these things, sometimes even the life of the pet can be lost.  Maximus, or Max, was a very loving Rottweiler.  Max had many toys.  He really had everything he wanted.  But one unfortunate day something unexpected happened.  It’s because of his favorite chew toy, Kong.  This was a very popular dog toy all over the world.

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One day he was playing with this toy.  There, Max’s owner’s son noticed something was wrong.  He told the family that Max’s toy was stuck in his mouth.  But at first no one paid much attention to it.  Because everyone thought he was playing.  But in the middle of the night the dog started barking very strangely.  And he jumped on the owner.  So the owner went to check on what the problem was.  There she noticed that Max’s chew toy was completely stuck around his tongue.  At first she tried to get the ball out, but it was impossible.  They realized something was wrong.  So they took the Rottweiler to the vet as soon as possible.  The vets also couldn’t to remove the toy.  So finally the tongue had to be cut off.

But even then they were too late.  So the vets had to decide to put down the dog as it was difficult to save the dog’s life.  But it was a very difficult decision for everyone.  However, after the incident, the toy company said it was taking steps to change the toy to make it safer for dogs.

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