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Eight Puppies Were Dumped In Dog Food Bags Thrown In A Hot Bin.

Puppies are like little kids in sometimes. Little ones can’t do anything without their parents. It is really difficult for them to live without their parents. Not only for small kids but also for puppies. They also need the love and care of their parents. But many people do not understand this simple fact.

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One day, Nicole Olsen and her six-year-old daughter Harper faced to a heartwarming experience. The two were having lunch at a remote rest stop between Wigley Flat and Kingston in Murray, Australia. There they heard an unusual noise coming from a bin, which was concrete on the outside and metal on the inside. It’s like the sound of a baby. Their hearts were filled with curiosity. They decided to investigate what the noise was as soon as possible, and Mrs. Olson removed the lid from the concrete bin. They then found two 20kg bags of dog food inside the concrete container. They had coat hanger wire wrapped around the zip lock to seal them shut.

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Mrs. Olsen removed the wire as quickly as possible. There they found eight five-week-old puppies inside the two bags. Unfortunately two of the puppies had already lost their lives and the other six puppies were not in good health. The temperature was also very high that day, so they all were dehydrated. And they all covered in fleas. It was truly amazing that six puppies were still alive.

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Ms. Olsen was quick to act. She brought two more cars of her family as soon as possible. Then the puppies were divided into three vehicles and taken home comfortably. She then took them to RSPCA SA as soon as possible. There, the puppies received nutritious food and all necessary treatment. And RSPCA SA officers cared for the puppies until they found permanent homes.

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