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Rottweiler Girl Pretends to Play to Eat Sister’s Meal.

Rottweiler is a wonderful breed that has generally attracted the attention of the whole world. But many people believe that they are a very aggressive and disobedient dog breed. But they are not as aggressive as you think. Although Rottweiler dogs are aggressive by nature, when given proper training and socialization, that situation completely changes.

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When given proper socialization they learn very well who are family members, who are relatives, who are neighbors and who are strangers. Especially their instinct is very high. So when given good training they can understand simple commands very well like a small kid. They recognize what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do with simple commands like Ok, Don’t. So today we are going to tell you a story about a funny behavior of such a very intelligent rottweiler.

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This wonderful dog lived in a house in Auckland, New Zealand. This Rottweiler,Lola, had a very funny habit that can’t stop. Lola used to turn back to her sister’s meal dish every time she finished her dish. But she knew that she do not have permission from the owners for that. But she didn’t give up. She used every possible trick to eat her sister’s meal. One day this mischievous Rottweiler girl, after finishing her meal, pretended to be playing and tried to little by little approach her sister’s dish on the other side. Lola knows she is not allowed for it. It’s really funny. So this is a great example of what a wonderful breed Rottweilers are.

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