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Rottweiler Left Life After Being Locked in a Hot Car.

Raising a dog is a huge responsibility. It’s like raising a baby. But some pet owners do not understand that responsibility seriously. You should always pay attention about their safety. Because a small thing can end their life. Because they are like little babies. They always need their family members’ protection. This Rottweiler’s story is a best example of that.

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No one can stay in a closed hot vehicle for several hours. At least on a day with very hot weather, we can’t stay outdoors. But one day a heartbreaking incident heard in Padstow, a southwestern suburb of Sydney. It was a very hot day. A Rottweiler dog was sitting in a locked car, parked on Gibson Avenue with the engine running. Temperatures was 30C° on that day. On such a hot day the temperature inside a car can be increese to the about 70 degrees. No one can bear it. But this dog had to sitting under that temperature.

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Fortunately, passengers who passing by the car saw this helpless dog. Realizing that something was going to wrong, they informed the local authorities as soon as possible. Bankstown traffic and highway patrol officers then arrived as soon as possible. Few Minutes after the officers arrived, the owner returned to the car. He got out the Rottweiler from the car as soon as possible. But his condition was not good. So the dog was taken to the nearest veterinarian. But it was too late. By then, the poor dog left his life. There is one thing that everyone should keep in mind. That is, even if the air conditioners are working, kids, adults or pets keep in a hot car for hours is not a good idea at all.

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