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Amazing Rottweiler Saves Owner’s Life More Than 10 Times.

The Rottweiler is an incredibly amazing breed. When properly trained, they have the ability to understand anything quickly. Because of their instincts and excellence, they are used as therapy dogs in many countries. Indeed, they have an amazing ability to save lives. This is a story about such a dog. This Rottweiler has saved the owner’s life more than 10 times. But he is not a therapy dog.

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Mr. REX Hill, 40, is a man with many health problems. His sugar level was always low and he needed someone’s help. Because he lived alone. So instead of living with someone, he decided to adopt a small Rottweiler puppy. This Rottweiler named Tyzer is actually a dog that came for Hill. Because every time Mr. Hill’s sugar level drops, Tizer knows it very well.

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He first saved Mr Hill’s life when he was nine months old. Tizer knew to carry the treatment bag bag, which is attached to his neck whenever his sugar levels dropped. Then Mr. Hill can easily get his glucose. But he is not trained for that. Tizer never left his owner alone. Wherever Mr. Hill went out, the dog went with him.

According to him, this wonderful Rottweiler has saved his life at least 10 times. Whenever his owner needs help, he knows it very well. Mr. Hill says that if wasn’t tyzer, his life would already be over. However, with the change in Mr. Hill’s treatment regimen, Tizer’s responsibility ended. But Tizer didn’t forget to help Mr. Hill regain his fitness. According to him, this wonderful Rottweiler is one in a million.

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