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Rottweiler Helps to Save Stranger’s Life in Middle of the Night.

Many people believe that Rottweilers are extremely aggressive dogs towards outsiders. But really they are not as aggressive as we think. When given proper training and socialization, Rottweilers become very obedient dogs like any other dogs. When given good socialization, they do not become aggressive towards strangers for no reason. Today we are going to tell you about one such heroic rottweiler who saved the life of a stranger.

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Tiffany Moore is the owner of a very intelligent, smart and large Rottweiler. Her dog, Chopper, has always been very observant of everything. One day around 12 midnight he started behaving strangely. He started barking incessantly through the window and at first Tiffany thought it was normal. She thought the dog was barking at the sounds of the neighborhood. So she ordered him to be quiet and closed all the windows and doors of the house. She thought he would be quiet then.

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But he did not stop. He came to Tiffany’s room and started knocking on the door. She understood that something was wrong. Looking through the window, nothing was clear outside, so she went outside to check what had happened. There she saw something completely unexpected. A man was lying in her driveway. Another man was standing next to a car and she couldn’t imagine what was going on. When she asked them about it, she came to know that an 18-year-old boy had unexpectedly hit by 24-year-old boy’s car.

The 18-years-old young man hit by the car was identified as Daniel Gill. Tiffany invited them into her home. She then informed the officers about this. Amazingly, Tiffany’s Rottweiler never left Gill’s side the entire time they were at home. The dog continuously licked Gill’s arm and later learned that the arm was broken. A few days later, Gil recovered and he didn’t forget to visit Tiffany’s house to thank her and her dog.

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