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Sweet Rottweiler Always Ask Attention From Owner During His Online Meeting.

It is not wrong to say that dog is the friendliest animal in this world to man. Especially since most dogs are like little babies around their owners. Dogs that are addicted to their owner’s love always need their owner’s attention. Dogs don’t like to be seen being busy their owners. You might not believe that even very aggressive and stubborn dogs like Rottweilers are like that. This is a story about such a wonderful dog.

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Due to the health problems faced by the whole world in the last few years, everyone had to follow social distance. Therefore, many people had to do their duties from home. The whole world used the internet for that. Julian Gabriel Santos, owner of Bonzo, a one-year-old rottweiler, also had to work from home. He is a very talented graphic designer. Bonzo and him are like father and son. There was really a very strong bond between them. Bonzo was a very sweet and friendly dog who always wanted to be with his owner. This rottweiler was so addicted to his owner that he always wanted to follow his owner around the house.

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Because of this habit, the dog needed Julian’s love and attention even when he was working from home. Julian had to join several video meetings a week. But his Rottweiler always ask for treats and head scratches and belly rubs, even during meetings. He always licks Julian’s face. Because this rottweiler boy does not like to see the owner to be busy. Julian says he really enjoys having Bonzo around, no matter how much he disturbs for his works. He also said that Bonzo’s behavior reduces his mental stress.

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