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Rottweiler Used to Protect Family Breads When No One at Home.

Despite being an impulsive and aggressive breed, the Rottweiler breed also has a loving part that we don’t know about. They needs very good training and socialization to improve their loving side. Sometimes these wonderful dogs provide amazing protection to their owners and family. So this is also a story about such a wonderful Rottweiler.

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The Rottweiler is one of the best protectors in the dog world. They provide excellent protection to their family to the best of their ability. And they protect their family’s valuables. But have you ever heard of a dog that protects breads in the house? This Rottweiler is a such dog. Actually it’s very funny. This six-year-old dog named Jakey had an amazing habit. She used to hide breads in the house whenever no one was home. Whenever the family was not at home, she took care of the breads of the family. She thought that when hiding the bread would protect them.

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As soon as Jakey’s mother, Katharina, leaves the house, she goes in search of breads. She then hides them in a safe place. Surprisingly, this rottweiler girl never ate the breads. She protects them until the mother returns home. If the breads is left in the fridge, she will open the fridge and take them. Katharina says that she think it’s the most important thing in the family because they use breads so often. She hides this breads behind her bed and sleeps next to it. Because of this habit, she got the name “bread gaurdian”. What a wonderful Rottweiler she really is.

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