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Rottweiler Gives Heartwarming Final Respect for His Friend in Amazing Way.

Many people believe that Rottweiler dogs are one of the roughest breeds in the dog world. But many people do not know that even Rottweiler dogs have a very sensitive heart. They feel emotions just like everyone else. They especially feel the feelings of love, friendship, brotherhood and separation. All animals feel these emotions, not just Rottweilers. So today we are going to tell you a story about a Rottweiler who could not bear the separation of his brother.

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Not only humans but also dogs cannot bear to be separate from their loved ones. On such occasions, some dogs pay their last respects to their loved ones in wonderful ways. This news was reported from the city of Copiapo in the Atacama region of northern Chile. It is truly a heart-warming incident. Carlos Aguilar is the owner of two Rottweiler dogs. It’s Chocolate and Ron-Wailer. The two dogs spent the whole day together. They are like brothers. It was very difficult for the two of them to spend time without each other. But unfortunately, their neighbors were not so kind.

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At first, Carlos had seven other dogs and a neighbor fed them some poison. So unfortunately all those dogs had to leave life. Chocolate is a small Rottweiler puppy that someone dumped on the road. Carlos decided to take the puppy home, treat it and adopt it. From that day on, Chocolate and Ron-Wailer became best friends. A strong bond developed among them that no one could separate.

But unfortunately someone did to Chocolate what they did to Carlos’ previous dogs. As a result, the innocent Chocolat had to leave his life. This incident was difficult not only for Carlos but also for Ron. Carlos prepared to pay his last respect to Chocolate. But then something incredible happened. Ron used his nose to push dirt onto his beloved brother. Meanwhile, he did not forget to look at his friend one last time. Maybe he realized that his friend would never come back. It was indeed a very sensitive heart warming moment.

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