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Rottweiler Cuddles Her Human Brother Every Night to Sleep And Ends Up Saving His Life.

As we say every day, Rottweilers are not a very aggressive and disobidient breed as many people think. When given proper training and socialization, they become very loving and loyal dogs to their families. Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature and can become very aggressive if not properly train. But, when given good training, this highly intelligent breed becomes the most loving dog other than any breed.

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Especially they have a great innate ability to understand anything very quickly. This two-year-old rottweiler named Daisy is a such dog. Many dogs’ favorite things are food or toys. But Daisy’s favorite thing is her little human brother. Nothing more exciting her more than curling up next to him and cuddling him at night. She’s like his shadow, Daisy’s owner, Brittany Troilo told the media.

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This wonderful Rottweiler girl came to this home as a puppy. Since then, she used to treat everyone in the family with love and filled the whole house with love. Daisy instantly fell in love with this little human brother after coming home. Since then, she did not want to leave his side even for a moment. During the day, Daisy and her brother play with their toys. As soon as the clock strikes 8:30, every night, the Rottweiler girl is used to going up the stairs and waits for her brother’s bedtime routine to start.

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When the boy is finally curled up in bed, the Rottweiler puts her arm around him and slowly drifts off to sleep. This is a wonderful daily routine that she doing every night. But the heartbreaking thing is that, Daisy’s human brother has type 1 diabetes.

One night, something unexpected happened. Troilo, the boy’s mother, woke up suddenly at around 2 a.m. It was seeing Daisy sitting awake beside her bed. She was amazed. Because Daisy usually spends the whole night with her human brother. But the mother knew that, if her son’s sugar level is low or high in middle of the night, she would come and wake her up. Accordingly, his sugar level was very low in that day and thanks to Daisy’s instinct, the boy’s life was saved.

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Daisy is such a smart Rottweiler that she is not only aware of her brother’s silent emergencies, but also of the medical equipment on his body, such as the Dexcom glucose tracker he uses at night. She also knows very well how to monitor its glucose level. She is truly an amazingly talented rottweiler.

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