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Couple Saved the Dumped Rottweiler Puppy and Weeks Later Puppy Saves the Couple’s Lives.

There is no other animal in this world that can love man as much as dog. Dogs have a very pure and sincere love for humans in their hearts. Especially, Rottweilers are one of the most human-friendly dog breed in dog world. Although they are quite aggressive by nature, when given proper training and socialization, they become extremely loyal dogs to their owner and family. You will understand about it in this story that we are going to tell today.

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Most people don’t want to adopt a Rottweiler, but for some it is a big dream. Maybe your rottweiler is God’s gift to your life. This is such a story. One day, a young couple was walking at night when they saw an unusual bundle of rags on the side of the road. It was a great curiosity for them until they found out what it was. So the couple checked the bundle of rags and found a small Rottweiler puppy. They couldn’t believe it. She is truly a very cute and loving puppy. They fell in love with her

So they both decided to take the little Rottweiler girl home without thinking twice. The next day they took her to a vet where she was given a full exam. Fortunately, she was very healthy. They couldn’t imagine how they could leave such a cute, healthy baby rottweiler on the road. Finally, they decided to adopt the five-month-old little rottie. They named her Leeanna and she quickly fell in love with them. Leeanna soon became a member of their family. She quickly became a strong puppy thanks to the nutritious food and love she received from them.

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Moreover, as the couple saved her life, she also saved the couple’s life. One night, while Leanena’s owners were watching TV in the living room, she suddenly ran to the front door and started barking loudly. Leeanna must have realized that something was happening outside the house. She ran back to the back door of the house, broke the glass and jumped out. Then she managed to catch an unknown man in the backyard. But she never bit him. It was not difficult for the couple to understand what had happened. And Leeanna helped the owners to hold him until the security officers came home. In the end, thanks to the Rottweiler girl, the lives and property of the owners were saved

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