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Owner Miraculously Saves Rottweiler After Getting His Collar Caught in the Elevator Door.

Every dog owner loves their dog immensely. Sometimes without even thinking about their own life, many owners come forward for the life of their pet. So being a dog owner is not an easy thing. It is a huge responsibility. And it is important to be mindful of their safety at all times when adopting a dog. Because anything can happen to them at any moment. Today we are going to tell you a very good example for that.

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College student Tamara Seibert is a dog lover. Tamara loves dogs so much that she is raising several dogs. One of them was a Rottweiler. She often goes for walks with her dogs. For that she uses the elevator in the apartment, which was very common for dogs too. Because they were used to that lifestyle. So one day, as usual, Tamara decided to go for a walk with her Rottweiler and other dogs. She came to the elevator with her pets, but they had to face an unexpected incident.

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When they entered the elevator, Tamara did not notice that the Rottweiler’s leash was caught in the elevator. Within seconds the Rottweiler started to lift up by his collar when the elevator moved down. Tamara could not imagine what was happening at once. First, Tamara tried to pull the dog’s collar . She then pressed the elevator button while the dog was hanging on the door. Meanwhile, she tried her best to rip off the Rottweiler’s metal collar. Because she wanted to save her pet at any way. But it was not easy for her. Because he is a very large Rottweiler weighing about 110 pounds.

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About 30 seconds later, the elevator doors opened and the dog fell to the floor. The skin on Tamara’s hand also tore as she tried to tear off the metal collar to save the dog. But she endured it all. She wrapped one arm around the other and opened the door with her feet to let the two dogs out of the elevator. All this was recorded in the elevator cameras. After the video was released on the Internet, everyone said that Tamara is truly a hero.

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