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Broken Leg Rottweiler Teach Baby How to Crawl.

Normally Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature. Therefore, many people do not want to adopt this breed. Especially many people think that they are not safe with small kids. But it is not a 100% true opinion. The Rottweiler breed definitely needs very good training. Also, good socialization should be given in order to develop the good qualities that are hidden in them. Socialization makes them a very friendly and obedient dog to family members and neighbors. Then there is no problem with them even for small kids. This is a wonderful loving example of that.

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Kahlua is such a Rottweiler mix with a sweet heart. Indeed, she is a very different dog than other Rottweilers. The most sensitive thing about her is that her back legs are not working properly. It happened to her in her former home. In an unexpected day, she fell from the third floor balcony of the house and broke her spine and hip. As a result, she completely lost the function of her back legs. After this incident, her family no longer wanted her. Very unfortunately those people rejected this innocent dog.

And because of Kahlua’s condition, no one wanted to adopt her. Everyone rejected her. But luck has not left her yet. One day, Kahlua met a family that loved her. Lori Dugas, who lives in Port Charlotte, Florida, and her family came forward to adopt this innocent dog. She was a really cute and gentle dog even though her back legs didn’t work. And for Lori’s family, her condition was not a problem at all. Because no matter what condition she is in, she deserves a comfortable and loving life like other dogs. They believed that. The little Rottweiler girl found not only a new life, but also a wonderful friend in this new home. It’s a little boy. He is Dugas’s little son, Caleb.

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From the day she came to home, a wonderful friendship began to develop between them. They quickly became very good friends. It was an amazing and strong bond. One day, Dugas saw a wonderful activity between the two of them. Kahlua was teaching the little boy how to get around. Caleb followed the dog and started crawling along the ground with their arms or front legs, back legs dragging behind. It was a wonderful scene . The Rottweiler girl taught the boy how to crawl along the floor very well. Dugas released this amazing video on the internet and it quickly won the millions of hearts.

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