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Family of Rottweiler Amazingly Saves Lost 80-years-old Woman’s Life.

Rottweiler is one of the strongest, smartest and most loving dog breeds in the dog world. They are also among the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the dog world due to their advance intelligence. They have a quick and excellent intelligence that can understand anything very quickly. But because of the aggressive nature of this breed, many people refuse to adopt Rottweilers. Even so, they have a loving and gentle side that many people don’t know about. This is a wonderful example of that.

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Dave Molt and his nephew Jack take their family of Rottweiler for a walk every morning. The reason they don’t take dogs afternoon is because of societal misconceptions about Rottweilers’ aggressiveness. One day at around 1.20am they took their dogs Tilly, Billy, Gerard and May for a walk. For a few minutes all the dogs walked very normally. But unexpectedly everything started to change.

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When they were walking near a school playground all four dogs started running towards the playground. Dave and Jack couldn’t imagine what was going to happen. So they both started follow the dogs. Finally the four dogs stopped at a bush at the corner of the school playground. Dave and Jack were amazed at what they saw there. There was a very old woman near that bush and one dog was gently licking her. Both of them were completely amazed by that scene. She was shivering due to extreme cold and her health was not good.

So they took her for treatment as soon as possible. After she recovered, it was discovered that she got off the wrong bus stop the previous evening and resides in the same area. This 80-years-old woman has been fasting outside in extreme cold for 15 hours. Her life was saved thanks to the keen noses of Tilly, Billy, Gerard and May. This story will be a very good example to correct many misconceptions about Rottweiler dogs. Some rottweiler dogs can be very aggressive at times and there are some rottweilers that are very gentle like cats. And there are curb aggressive behaviors. They definitely need socialization, exercise and stimulating mental challenges.

One thought to “Family of Rottweiler Amazingly Saves Lost 80-years-old Woman’s Life.”

  1. Awesome story! I was one of those that did not want or trust the Rottweiler pup my son brought home many years ago. After about 6 months I told the son that he could move out of the house any time- but the dog was not going with him. She was mine and everyone knew it. Worst loss of my life when we lost her. We currently have 3, with a total of 5 having been a part of our family.

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