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Rottweiler Girl Ate Foods That Didn’t Belong to Her. Owner Threw Her Over a Wall.

Although many people dream about adopting dogs, not everyone can make their dream come true. In particular, many people are keen to adopt superior breeds such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. But unfortunately those breeds are very expensive. Therefore, adopting these breeds has become a dream for many dog lovers. Meanwhile, some dog owners do not know how to love their dogs. They treat their pets very unkindly and no animal should have such owners.

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But this Rottweiler pup had such a man. Most people know that all puppies are like kids. They are not aware of many things around them. We don’t know what the puppies will do next, especially the little ones. But this dog owner didn’t understand it. One day, a man from Clearwater, Florida took his little rottweiler to the beach. But it’s not to have fun with her. She is still a three-month-old puppy. She is really like a little daughter.

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The man treated the little Rottweiler girl very unkindly and the people who were at the beach saw it all. He continued to behave aggressively with the puppy in a very unkind manner. It is really a very emotional incident. Once this heartless man pulled the puppy by its leash and threw it over a wall. He didn’t stop there. Eventually the puppy could not even walk. Therefore, some people who saw this informed the authorities. Within minutes several officers arrived to the beach and caught the man and by then the little puppy was completely weakened. They asked what was the reason for doing this to sich a innocent puppy.

Everyone was amazed by the answer he gave there. The man said that he did this to her because she was eating food that did not belong to her and he became mad after knowing it. But surprisingly, he was not ready to accept his fault at all. After many people came forward to adopt the puppy. But it is not clear what really happened to her.

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