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Owner Saves Her Rottweiler After Getting His Collar Caught In The Elevator Door and is Dragged Up to The Ceiling.

Being a pet owner is not easy. Because when raising a pet, special attention should be paid to them. Rising a pet is like raising a kid. Because at any moment they can get stuck in any problem. Sometimes even a small mistake can lost their lives. Because they don’t understand some things. Therefore, when adopting a pet, you should be careful about them. This is a good example of that.

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Ryerson University student Tamara Seibert is an owner of two dogs. She often taking her dogs through the elevator of her building. It is very normal for her and her dogs. On that day, as usual, she was taking the elevator to the ground floor of her building with her dogs. At first everything was normal. But within a few seconds, she and her Rottweiler had to face an unexpected incident.

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She was taking her dogs into the elevator. There her Rottweiler’s leashes got caught in the door. Meanwhile, the elevator began to descend. Then her dog lifted into the air by his collar. She couldn’t to think of anything at once, Tamara started to pull on it. Then she quickly pushed the elevator buttons to trying to open the doors while her dog hung onto the elevator door. She tried her best to ripped at his metal collar. Because she wanted to get him off somehow.

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He is a large dog weighing about 110 pounds. The dog had hanging for approximately 30 seconds. The elevator doors then opened and the dog fell to the floor. The skin on her hands was torn open by the dog’s metal collar. But she opened the doors with her feet, with cradling one hand in the other to let the two dogs out of the elevator. All this was recorded on the elevator cameras and everyone who watched the video said that she was a real hero. Because if she didn’t act like that, her dog would definitely have lost her life.

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