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Rottweiler Amazingly Found After More Than Seven Months Missing – He Was Too Weak.

Being separate from pet is something no pet owner can bear. Because many pet owners love their pet more than their own lives. So they want to live with their pets till the rest of life. But unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to live like that. Often unexpectedly they have to separate from their pet. This is such a story.


Ruger is a Rottweiler dog who is very loyal to his family. His owners loved him very much. But one day they face a very unexpected incident. One day he was lost in their Mount Vernon Road back yard. His owners did not expect anything like this. He can’t see anything properly and don’t hear properly. About a week before Ruger’s lost, he started behaving very strangely. So the owners thought that he had gotten confused and wandered off. Also, he is a 14-years-old dog.


The owners started looking for him everywhere. But they could not find any information about him. Around the same time, several other dogs in the area went missing randomly, so they thought that someone might have taken their dog as well. Months passed. They llooked for the dog everywhere every day. But they could not find him. They speculated that the dog must have wandered into the woods and perhaps ended its life there.


They also asked the help of the dog rescue teams. Also, they searched for information about him by sharing his photos on social media. They did not give up hope. They hoped that one day their beloved Rottweiler would return. When the winter season started, they started thinking about how their dog would bear the cold. Mrs Jean, one of Ruger’s owners, said it would be better for him to be loss life than to live a difficult life with extreme cold and hunger.

One dag, after about 7 months he went missing, something unexpected happened. They were able to find Ruger wandering around nearby. He was very tired and very weak. His appearance clearly confirmed that he had not received proper nutrition from months. He was very thin. No one really knows where he was or what happened to him. But he had no other problems. He seems largely OK. But his past was don’t care to the owners and they just wanted to become their dog to the healthy and strong dog.

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