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Two-legged Dog was Threw Out of The House by Her Owner Due to He Had Only Two Legs.

People adopt animals for various purposes. Some people adopt animals out of love for them. And some other people adopt dogs for protection. Also, people with golden hearts take in and adopt animals that need love and care. But such people are very few in this world. But there are some people who throwing animals to the streets who need love and care so much.

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Although this story is a few years old, it is a very sensitive and heart-warming story. A very cute puppy was born in 2002. But he had lost two legs at birth and only had two back legs. One front leg is shrunken and totally unusable. Because of this, her mother also refused to feed him at birth. And her owner is someone who does not know what kindness is. Therefore, the owners thought that they could not save the little puppy’s life because his health condition was not good. So they threw her on the street like garbage.

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She had to face very difficult life in the street. Because she only had two legs, living on the road was not easy at all. No one came to help her. But thankfully, a woman with a golden heart named, Jude, saw her and her family decided to adopt her. She named her Belief and she received a lot of love and care from them. Mrs. Jude also brought a skateboard had actually designed for her. She had to practice to how to using her back legs to move forward.

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It took her several months to learn how to walk with it. After about six months of relentless training, she was able to walk very well. Amazingly she could stand up straight and run anywhere she wanted on her hind legs. And she became a very happy and loving dog with everyone.

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