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He Was Not Invited To His Owner’s Wedding But He Followed Her For 9Km To Join Her Wedding.

The love of the dog’s hearts for their owners is very pure. Dogs never forget their owners, even if their owners forget them. They stay with their owner till the rest of their life. It is because of the loyalty in their hearts. They are especially attached to their family. And they always want to be in their owner’s life. This is a very good example of that.

Fugui is a lovely dog who lives in China with his owner, Fu Xi. He and the human mother had a very strong bond of love. He always wanted to be with his mother. So one day Fu Xi got ready for her wedding and Fugui also felt that a big change was lgoing to happen in her life. But it seemed that the family did not consider Fugui’s presence at the ceremony. No one wanted to take him to her ceremony. Everyone forgot him because of the busyness.

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But then something happened that no one expected. He ran more than 9 km with family vehicles to be with his human mother at the special moment in his owner’s life. Because they have been living together for about two years. They are like mother and son. At first she had decided to take him with her. But for an unknown reason, the family rejected the decision. So she had to leave him at home. Because anyone did not understand the bond between her and the dog.

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But surprisingly, after seeing his mother leave the house without him, Fugui followed the wedding cars on the 9 km long journey from the house to the place where the ceremony would be held. Then when they arrived at the groom’s house where the wedding ceremony was taking place, Fugui was looking at the wedding car. As if to say, “Mom, I’m here for you.” At one point, the bride’s mother opened the door of the vehicle for the dog, but he refused to get in the vehicle. Because he wanted to go with his owner.

However, at the end of the ceremony, he and Fu Xi reunited. So now she knows that in addition to her husband, she has an eternally faithful protector.

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