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Old Man Walk the Streets Everyday Selling Candy Sweet With Carrying His Puppy In A Bucket

Some people’s love is amazing. Some people love their pets without limits. So they protect their pets more than their lives. Most people’s best friend is the dog.

And some people are not rich in money. But their hearts are rich with love. This is such a man. Every day he roams the streets and sells candy sweet. He has no family to call his own. But he had a strong friendship that never changed. It was with his dog. He had no place to keep his dog safe when he went to sell candy sweet to earn some money. So this man put his dog in a bucket and took it everywhere he went.

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Especially he used to sell candy sweet in front of a school every day and he used to come with his dog every day. He found this puppy when someone dumped him in a garbage dump. So he took the puppy and gave good care of he needed. From that day on the two became very good friends. This man also had many problems in life. But his big heart did not leave him.

So one day someone released a video of this old man on the internet and it quickly became popular all over the world. The puppy knew very well that the owner loved him very much. So he slept very comfortably in the bucket. He did not disturb his owner at all. He is really a very obedient and loving puppy. And this man is also a very loving owner.

Instead of leaving the puppy somewhere alone, he like to take the puppy with him. They want to live together every day, no matter how hard life is. Many rich people throw dogs on the streets. But even though this man had no money, he did not. He is truly a man with a golden heart.

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