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Couple Adopts Lots of Stray Dogs Who Needs Special Attention After Losing Their Beloved Dog.

Pet lovers do everything they can for animals. Sometimes they even do things that no one else can do for animals. Because there is such a great and pure love for animals in their hearts. This Lithuanian couple is one such animal-loving couple.

Mantas and Rasa, a Lithuanian couple, moved to Thailand a few years ago. That’s for traveling around Thailand. They fell in love with the island of Koh Kood Thai. But during this trip, they unexpectedly lost their beloved ten-year-old dog named Aibo. After he closed his eyes forever, Mantas and Rasa’s hearts broke completely. Because they loved the dog very much. His health began to down and they couldn’t to spend time with the dog as they were in Thailand.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

All they could do was say they love him on the phone. In the end, his life could not be saved. So it was a very difficult time for them. After losing their dog, they decided to stay in Koh Kood and adopt a local puppy. They also brought their other dog from Lithuania to Thailand. They settled there permanently. Koh Kood has many stray dogs running around the island and many of them are not in good health. Realizing this, the kind couple decided to come forward for these dogs.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

Accordingly, they started treating many stray animals. Now they living with 15 stray dogs. Among those dogs there are two dogs without eyes. And all other dogs are dogs that need special attention. And now it is a big family. They didn’t stop there. They started helping all the stray dogs around the island. For that they created a social media page called Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

At first they started giving leftover food for the dogs and then it grew to buying large bags of dog food. It later became a large organization og helping stray dogs. But there is no vet with them. Over time, they learned how to deal with dogs’ health problems. They travel about 40 km a day to feed the stray dogs.

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