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Officer Stops Busy Highway to Rescue Dog Hit by a Car. What a Officer.

Kindness is one of the most beautiful thing in this world. There is nothing that kindness cannot do in this world. Especially kindness can make this world a very beautiful place. And it can protect every life in this world. Kindness is so powerful.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

But some people do not know what kindness is. Such people throw innocent animals on the streets. But because of people with golden hearts, the lives of many street animals are saves. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a kind officer.

Joseph Puglia, an officer of the Pinellas Park Department in Florida, was on duty as usual. But he did not think that he would be able to save a life that day. While he was driving on the road, he saw a small puppy hitting by a vehicle on the middle of the busy highway. He quickly stopped his car. The dog was hit by a car and if he was on the middle of the road, there was a chance of being hit by another vehicles. So without thinking twice, he decided to save the dog’s life. Actually it is a heart stopping moment.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

It’s a very busy road. Therefore, go to the middle of the road is not easy at all. The officer could have even been hit by a vehicle. But he did not even think about his own life and went to the middle of the road to save the puppy’s life.

All of this was recorded on his dash cam and Puglia wrapped the dog in a blanket and placed him in the SUV, and notified dispatch. They then notified Pinellas Animal Rescue about the incident. There the dog was sent for some tests and luckily he didn’t have any major problem.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

After several treatments, the dog quickly recovered completely. They tried to find the dog’s owner, but he did not have a microchip or tag. So the dog was taken from an animal shelter in the state where he was named Lucky. Thanks to the kind officer, his life was saved.

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