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Owner Brought Mother Dog to The Sea And Threw In. And He Also Threw Her Puppies.

Every dog in this world has the right to live freely. No man has the right to loss that right. But some people don’t even think about it. Because of such people, innocent animals have to face various difficulties every day. Most people don’t see their pets as family members or even pets. Such owners should not own any animal.

Image : WH Rescue Team/Youtube

Due to the animals thrown on the streets, nowadays many animals have to live a street life. Some of the hardships these animals have to face is unbelievable. A dog in Wuhan, China also had to face a similar fate. It is because of an unkind man.

This dog was so unfortunate that she never had a loving family to call her own. Her family never loved her. They did things she couldn’t imagine. Really, no human being with a heart can do those things. One day this dog became a mother and she gave birth to several pups. After that, the owner had no intention of keeping her at home. So this man brought her to the sea and threw in. Moreover, her new pups were left in a pile nearby.

Image : WH Rescue Team/Youtube

After throwing her into the sea, she must have been thought different things. She must have been thinking of how she would get back to her babies. Fortunately, kind people who saw this incident contacted Wuhan Animal Rescue as soon as possible. They reached the place without a moment’s delay and rescued the dog from the water. Finally, thanks to all of them, the puppies and mother were reunited. And the rescuers took the puppies and the mother to a safe place. There they received love, care and food.

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