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Couple Saved Rottweiler Puppy From Street. Weeks Later Puppy Saves Couple’s Life.

Dog’s love is one of the purest love in this world. Dogs never forget people’s love. Especially, most dogs want to protect their loved ones. They love those who love them. They protect not only their owners but also their belongings and family. Because of this loyalty, the dog has become man’s best friend since thousands of years ago.

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Also, dogs fall in love with people faster than humans. The bond between owner and dog cannot be compare to any other bond. It is so strong. This is a wonderful example of that.

Some people and animals come into our lives for a greater reason. Sometimes they are like a gift from God in our life. One night a young woman was walking with her partner and saw something strange. It is a bundle of rags on the side of the road. It was unusual so they decided to check it out. There they were able to find a small female Rottweiler pup in the bundle of rags. She is a very cute puppy.

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Without thinking twice, they took the little puppy to their home. The next day they took her to a vet and luckily she was very healthy. But she lost weight. They decided to adopt this five-month-old puppy. With nutritious food and good care, she quickly became a strong puppy. They named her Leeanna. After few weeks she became very close to them like a member of their family. But they never thought that she would save a life.

One night, Leeanna’s owner and partner were watching television in the room. There the dog ran to the front door and started barking loudly. They realized that something was happening outside. Then Leeanna quickly ran to the back door of the house and broke the glass of the door and jumped out.

Later she managed to catch an unknown man who entered to the backyard. Leeanna’s owners understood very well what had happened. But she never tried to bite him. She held him until officers arrived, stop him from escaping. So Leeanna saved the life of the owners who saved her own life.

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