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Rottweiler Gives Heart Warming Final Respect For His Friend.

Animals feel every emotion that humans feel. They especially feel the feelings of love, friendship, brotherhood and separation very well. But people think that dogs don’t feel emotions like humans. But many incidents have been reported that prove that they feel every emotion that we feel.

Especially humans and animals cannot bear the separation of their loved ones. Today we are going to tell you a best example for that.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

There are various rituals that are performed for people when they left life. They vary from tradition to tradition. But animals has no such rituals. However, they cannot bear the separation of their loved ones. Although there are no rituals to perform for their loved ones when they left life, some animals pay their last respects in a wonderful way.

Brothers and friends are with us till the rest of life. This dog is one such brother and friend. One day, a heartwarming incident was reported from the city of Copiapo in the Atacama region of northern Chile.

Carlos Aguilar had two dogs, named Chocolate and a Rottweiler named Ron-Wailer. These two dogs lived like brothers. They could not be without each other for a moment. They spent the whole day together. But they didn’t live in such a nice neighborhood. Carlos is a very loving pet owner. At first, he had seven other dogs. But someone has given all those dogs something to eat. As a result, all those dogs had to left their lives.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

But he did not get any help for this. In the end, he was left with only Chocolate and Ron. Chocolate is a little puppy that someone left on the side of the road. Carlos saw this puppy and decided to adopt him. He gave the little puppy food, love and care.

From that day on, Chocolate and Ron fell in love like inseparable brothers. An inseparable bond developed between them.

But unfortunately, like Carlos’ previous dogs, Chocolate had to leave his life. That’s because of a food given to him by someone. So not only Carlos but also Ron could not bear the separation of Chocolate.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

But an amazing thing happened when Carlos was giving the last respect to Chocolate. Carlos said he had never seen anything like it. Ron slowly shoveling the dirt onto the chocolate using his nose.

Ron looks over the edge at his friend multiple times while saying his goodbye. It is a heartwarming incident. Ron must have felt that his friend would never come back. Actually it can’t imagine that people can do such things. Animals actually understand things that some people don’t.

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