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Dog Tied Up In Owner’s Backyard In The Heat and Rain More Than a Month.

None of us can stay in the rain for hours. And none of us can stay in the sun for hours. Because it is very difficult. But some people think that only humans can’t do that. Some people think that animals can bear anything. Owners who think like that are not suitable for any animal. But this dog also had such an owner.

One day, a woman in the state of Mexico released a video on the Internet about her neighbor’s dog. She released this video on internet because she had no other choice. A dog was tied up outside her neighbor’s house. This dog was not even given food by his owners. They did not feed her at all. They only gave her a bottle of water. At least she can’t go anywhere she likes. Because they tied up her all the day.

Image : JORGE BECERRIL / twitter

She spent there in the heat and rain. But anyone with a real heart cannot looking at this scene at all. She could not imagine why the residents would do this to this innocent dog. The dog lived in the backyard of the house. According to the woman, the dog was tied up at that place for more than a month.

And they don’t even feed her. They do give her a bottle of water. The innocent dog spends her time in the heat and rain. This video quickly started to be share everywhere. Everyone said that some action should be taken about the owners of this dog. Because no one has the right to do this to any animal.

Accordingly, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico started a research in this regard. But they did not provide any further information about the condition of the dog. They said they could not provide the details as there was an administrative procedure.

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