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Rottweiler Refuses To Leave His Brother After He Closed Eyes Forever.

None of us can bear to be separate from our loved ones. Because none of us want to be separate from them at all. We all want to live with them forever. But one day we have to separate them. It is common not only to us but also to all animals. Just like us, animals have loved ones. So they also does not want to be separate from their loved ones. This is the best example of that.

Image : Hank and Brutus Rottweiler Twins/Facebook

Mr. Brett Bennett, Seattle, adopted two puppies from the same litter a few years ago. So they were inseparable from birth. They were really good brothers. He named these two Rottweiler puppies Brutus and Hank. His family was these dogs. He loved them both very much and they loved Mr. Brett very much. And they were very loyal.

There was no problem in their life. But unexpectedly all this started to change. Mr. Brett unexpectedly lost his home in Seattle. From then on, he began to live in cars and on the streets, along with his dogs.

Image : Hank and Brutus Rottweiler Twins/Facebook

So he decided to launch an online fundraiser to help find a new place to live with his dogs. But unfortunately, a few weeks after starting the fundraiser, one of his dogs, Hank, closed his eyes forever. It was something he did not expect at all. Therefore, Mr. Brett and Brutus could not bear it.

Brutus, especially, could not bear the separation of his brother. He did not move from his brother’s side even for a moment. Brutus was not ready to leave his brother. He fell asleep on Hank’s head. It was very clear in his eyes that he could not be separate from his brother.

Mr Brett recirded the heartwarming moment and uploaded it on internet. As a result, it quickly became popular everywhere.

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