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Parents Refused to Put Down This Puppy Born Without Front Legs.

Not every dog gets loving owners. A dog should be very lucky to gets a loving owner. Because there are very few loving pet owners in this world. Many people are looking for the perfect pets. But those who really love animals are not like that.

Image : Lou Robinson

What you may not know is that Approximately 390 thousand shelter dogs are put down in America each year. It is because of their various external and internal health problems. These dogs have to face this fate because of they are hard to live a normal life and get fewer adoption opportunities. But fortunately, this dog’s story was completely different. The reason was a kind couple.

This pit bull, named Nubby, was born without front legs. As a result, Nubby’s mother couldn’t to feed him. And his other brothers rejected him. So often he had to starve and caused him several health problems. He began to weaken little by little. A newborn puppy absolutely needs the mother’s warmth and care. But Nubby was having none of it.

Image : Lou Robinson

So the vets made a proposal to the owner. It is to put him down to end the difficulties he was facing. But the kind couple completely rejected the proposal.

The kind couple decided to take care of Nubby and help him lead a normal life. The little confused puppy was given the necessary treatment and nutrition. He was very well taken care of like a baby. So thanks to them he slowly started to open his eyes. He started gaining weight. Little by little he managed to interact with the owners. Little by little he learned to bark.

Image : Lou Robinson

Fortunately, he was able to win his life. It is because of this loving couple of parents. After a few years Nubby became a beautiful and energetic dog just like the other dogs. His loving parents gave him a wheeled device to help him walk on his own.

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