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Man Brings 300 Stray Animals To His Home For Protect Them From Storm.

We cannot imagine how kind some people are. Some people even do things for animals that no one else can do. The hearts of such people are incredibly kind. They know very well how precious the lives of animals are. Today we are going to tell you a story about a man with such a golden heart.

Image : Tierradeanimales

Ricardo Pimentel is a man with a heart of gold. He lives in Mexico. Ricardo works at the Tierra de Animales animal sanctuary. So he knows very well about animals. And he knows the feelings of animals very well. He works with animals and has a lot of love in his heart.

One day a storm started around that area and the animal sanctuary staff had to think more about the safety of the animals. So Ricardo realized that the animals must be protect somehow. So Ricardo did everything he could to save the animals’ lives.

But unfortunately, Ricardo realized that not all the animals fit in the shelter and the building wasn’t storm-proof. In fact, it was not a safe place at all. There was no other place to transfer them. He had only one solution.

Image : Tierradeanimales

He brought all the dogs, cats and other animals to his house. Accordingly, about 300 animals were brought to his home.

There was no problem as food and many other necessities because he had a lot of food and other necessities prepared for the animals. The storm, which arrived on October 5, 2020, was one of the largest to ever hit the United States. It was as fast as 230 km/h.

Image : Tierradeanimales

All the animals were very well behaved throughout the night until the outside was safe. If these animals were in the sanctuary, some animals might even have lost their lives. But because of Ricardo’s act, all the animals’ lives were saved. Not everyone can do these things. It must have a kind heart for that.

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