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Rottweiler Loves to Protect Family Breads When They’re Away.

We all have our own habits. Not only us but also animals have such habits. So those habits of the some animals are really funny. Some habits, especially of domestic dogs, can even relieve stress of the family members. Because they are so much funny. This is a story about such a dog.

Image : Katrina Frank

Rottweilers are one of the best guard dogs in the dog world. They always protect their family and family belongings. In particular, they protect their owner’s valuable things.

But you may not have heard of a Rottweiler who protecting the family bread. Jakey is a wonderful six-year-old dog. He is also a very good guard dog like other Rottweilers. But she used to protect something a bit unusual.That is bread.

She used to take care of her family’s food when they’re away. Whenever the family is not at home, she hides the bread. The second Jakey’s mother, Katrina, walks out the door, she goes to protect breads. She has an excellent nose for finding baked goods.

Image : Katrina Frank

The special thing is that she never does anything to these drinks. At least she doesn’t eat them. She protects them until the mother returns home. If the bread is left in the fridge, she will open the fridge and takes them. She likes to put the family bread behind her bed and lay by it. Jakey’s mom says that she thinks it’s the most important thing to family because they use it so often.

Jakey started protecting bread a few years ago. It was four years ago when the family moved to their farm. Also, if there is no bread in the house, she turns to other baked goods. When the mother returns home, Jakey takes her to breads. Because of this wonderful habit, she got the name “Bread Gaurdian.”

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