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Rottweiler Couldn’t Stop Scratching Ears and Vets Found Unexpected Thing

Rottweiler dogs can often have a variety of health problems. The main reason for this is their body weight and large size. Therefore, it is imperative to constantly monitor their health. This dog’s story is the best example of that. This is an old story but a great lesson for every dog owner.

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Some health problems vary from breed to breed. But some health problems are common to all dogs. Titan is a very strong Rottweiler. He weighed more than 60kg. And he is a very healthy dog. He is also a very well trained and socialized dog. He was very loyal to his owner and loved the owner so much. The owner also loved him dearly and always cared about him. One mornin Titan’s owner saw something strange. Titan began to shake his head abnormally. The owner was amazed that he had never behaved like this.

At first it started out soft. But little by little he began to pawning both ears. This situation soon developed. He began to rub his head on the ground and no one could stop him. Even the owner could not realize of anything. But she realized that there was something wrong with her dog’s ear. So she approached the dog to check it out. There she smelled a strong, yeasty odor around his head. At least he didn’t let her touch his ear. So she was convinced that there was something wrong with Titan’s ear. She took the dog to the vet as soon as possible.

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Ver examined the dog’s ear very carefully. There ver take a sample from each ear and sent for laboratory test. It was revealed that he had bacterial problems in his ear. The doctor then gave him the standard ear drops and treatment. After a few days, his condition improved somewhat. But after a few days, Titan’s ear started scratching again. So intensive treatment was started for his ears and after a few weeks his condition was completely improved. But very rarely, once in a few days, his ears began to itch. Therefore vet said that Titan has to be treated with ointments once a year or more.

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