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Rottweiler Puppy Found Amazing Kangaroo Friend and Plays All The Day.

Rottweiler is a great breed. Some people think that the Rottweiler is a very aggressive dog breed. That’s why many people like Rottweilers but don’t want to adopt them. Because they think they are not suitable as a domestic dog. But Rottweiler owners know very well what a sweet and wonderful breed they are. This story of the Rottweiler dog and the kangaroo is a good example of that.

Image : Ed Trindall

This dog named Trooper had a wonderful friend. It’s a kangaroo named Blue. Their friendship is really amazing. Because Rottweiler dogs do not easily befriend with outside animals. They lived in Perth, Australia. They mock each other and run everywhere in the yard. Even the owners were surprised by their bond.

One day their owner, Ed Trindall, videotaped this friendship when they were playing. After Trindall released it on social media, it quickly went viral. Because rottweiler dogs do not befriend with other animals easily. So a friendship like this is truly amazing.

Image : Ed Trindall

The kangaroo tries to grab the dog’s face very playfully and occasionally jumps on the dog’s neck. The dog also runs around wagging his tail. So they play for hours. Time does not seem to pass when they are together. Maybe they think they are both in the same pack. Their owners say the bond between the kangaroo and the dog is growing day by day. Everyone fell in love with the video because this kind of bond is rarely seen.

Especially, the Rottweiler always wanted to play with the kangaroo. Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature and will bond with someone only after realize they are good. Because they don’t trust anyone easily. So it is really amazing that such a dog has such a bond with another animal.

Image : Ed Trindall

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