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Rescued Eyeless Rottweiler Puppy Brings His Bowl When He’s Hungry.

Rottweiler is a very popular breed in the dog world. Due to their popularity and high demand, they have to face various problems. They have to face a lot of difficulties especially because of the breeders. Oliver is a little puppy who has faced such an ordeal.

Image : Battersea

A three-month-old Rottweiler puppy was found wandering in Hyde Park. The puppy was taken to Battersea’s rehoming center in south-east London after found that he was completely abandoned. After examining the puppy, they were discovered that he don’t have eye sight. So the shelter staff speculated that the puppy might have been abandoned because of his sight problem.

Image : Battersea

Battersea’s center manager Steve Craddock said he may have been abandoned because make it harder for a breeder to sell him to new owners, but nobody knows exactly why he was abandoned. Indeed, his life was not beautiful from the beginning. But thankfully he found a new owner very soon. He started a new life in South East London with a kind lady named Suzanne. He got a very loving family and lived a happy life. They named him Oliver. Oliver quickly learned how to get around his new home even though he couldn’t see anything.

Image : Battersea

Moreover, he used to take his food bowl to the owner when he’s hungry. He also met an elder sister in the new house. He quickly developed a special bond with this dog named Izzy and they spent the whole day together. With Izzy’s help, he adapted to the new environment very quickly. They loved to sleep together, play together and walk together. Oliver started a new happy life with new family.

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