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Mama Dog Tries Hard to Save Her Who Fell Into The Deep Ditch.

There is no stronger love than that of parents towards their kids. They can do anything for their kids. Sometimes parents do impossible things for their kids. Because their love is so strong. This is common not only to the human world but also to the whole animal world. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a mama dog.

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One day an amazing video started to become very popular on social media. Because this video warmed the hearts of many people. One day,in the Chinese city of Urumqui, a golden retriever tried hard to save his puppy from falling into a ditch. She wanted to save her puppy’s life somehow.

According to this video, the mother and several puppies were preparing to cross the ditch and one of the puppies unexpectedly fell into the deep ditch. The puppy could not get out of the ditch. There was also water in the ditch and the mother dog realized that the puppy had to be rescue quickly. So the mother quickly jumped over the ditch to save her little son. At first she did everything she could to save her little son. Finally she started to pull his little one by the ear.

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As a result of the efforts of the pppmother, the adorable puppy’s life was saved. Although the ditch was not very big, if the puppy had fallen into water, his life might have ended. So a mother’s love is impossible. Some human mothers abandon their babies on the roads, but animal mothers know the value of their young very well. Any animal species has an instinct to protect its young. The instinct of dogs is very high. It proved this bravery mom very well.

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