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Hero Rottweiler Saves His Owner’s Life More Than 10 Times.

The Rottweiler is an amazing breed. Due to the uniqueness of this breed, they are used as therapeutic dogs and service dogs in many countries. Their instincts are very advanced. So they know very well what to do in any situation. It is also very easy to train them for that. So there are many service Rottweilers who have saved human lives. This is a story about one of those dogs.

Mr. REX Hill, 40, is a man who regularly loses his sugar level. He lived alone. One day he adopted a small Rottweiler pup. This Rotweed puppy named Tizer first saved Mr. Hill’s life when he was nine-months-old. It’s amazing. Every time Mr. Hill’s sugar level drops down, Tyzer knows it very well. Tyzer is used to carrying around a bag, which is attached to his neck during which owner’s body attempts to shut down. He’s never been trained to do it.

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Wherever Mr. Hill went, the dog was with him at all times. He did not leave his side for a moment. Mr Hill says he has saved his life at least ten times. Every time he needs help, Tyser realizes it quickly. There he quickly lay down near the Hill and he could easily reach his glucose. After a few minutes of drinking glucose, he is OK. Mr. Hill says his life would be over if it was not for the dog.

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Taizer is such a smart dog that he never gets confuse. Because he knows he’s got what owner need. Mr. Hill also loved his dog like a baby. He also gave Tizer everything he eat. He gives everything he needed. After changing Mr. Hill’s treatment, Tizer was relieved of his responsibility. But Tizer’s new responsibility is to help Mr. Hill regain his fitness. He’s actually one in a million.

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