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This Dog Climbed to Bathroom Bowl to Flush the Water at 4 AM. And He Become Popular Because of His Hilarious Activities.

Dogs can do a lot more than we think. Sometimes they are like little kids. Some of the things they do are very, very funny. And amazing. And some dogs even do things that humans can not imagine.

Arwen is a mixed breed between Husky and Kelpie. One day her owner posted on the internet about some of her dog’s funny activities. Arwen had mixed genes, so she is an extremely talented and energetic dog. Arwen can do a lot of things that a normal dog can not do. From the following incidents you will understand how powerful and funny this dog is.

One day Arwen’s owner heard a repeated flushing of the bathroom at 4 AM. Thinking something was wrong, she went to the bathroom to stop it. Then she saw something unbelievable. Her dog was in the Bathroom, standing to flush the bowl, then shoving her head in to drink the running water. Then the whole family woke up and came to the bathroom. They also were amazed at what they saw. It’s really amazing that a dog can do such a thing. And funny.

Image : Tumblr

Also, one summer day, Arwen’s family were remarking that they might need to shave her. There Arwen looked up at them and made a unusual noise. Arwen’s owner’s mother’s house had a “fridge on top, pull-out-freezer belowā€¯ fridges. The dog got up, opened the fridge, and climbed on top of the frozen vegetables.

Another day, Arwen’s owner took her for a walk with a long rope. That is to sniff things she likes. Once the dog went to a bush and came back with a 7-foot long snake wrapping itself around her neck. She went to the dog as soon as possible and free it before she eat the snake. She also threw it out of the way to stop the dog from eating the snake. But it threw straight into the face of her 90-year-old neighbor. Although the neighbor was not any problem, she still did not speak with Arwen’s owner.

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