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A Dog Carries Abandoned Bundle with a Few Days old Baby. Finally He Saved Baby’s Life.

The dog is an amazing animal. There is no other animal in the animal kingdom that can be compare to a dog. Dogs’ instincts are so high that they know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. So sometimes we can’t even believe some of the things they do. This is a story about such a heroic dog.

This heroic dog lived in Bangkok. Because of his heroic deed, he quickly became a popular dog all over the world. It was a normal day for him. This dog named Pugh was keeping company with his owner to his place of work. Meanwhile, when he was passing by a trash can, he heard a strange noise. Pugh quickly turned his attention to that sound. He stopped.

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It’s like the sound of a kitten. He realized that the sound was coming from a small abandoned bundle. Then he grabbed it with his teeth and began to sniff it. Realizing that something was wrong, the dog quickly dragged it home. People were amazed to see a dog carrying a small bundle. But no one checked what it was.

Pugh took it to the threshold of his house and started barking loudly. The owner could not imagine what was happening. So a few minutes later the owner ran to the dog and checked the bag. Then she was completely amazed at what she saw. A few days old little baby was in the bag. The little baby was still alive and breathing for air. She wrapped the baby in a blanket as soon as possible and took him for treatment.

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Then the baby’s condition gradually improved. Many said it’s hard to imagine the future fate of this baby if not the dog. After the dog’s heroic story became popular throughout the area, the mayor of the city granted an exclusive lifeguard to Pugh. In addition, the owner of the dog received a monetary award with amount of 250 euros for deserving rearing.

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