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Rescued Shelter Dog Always Comes Running When He Hears His Best Friend’s Voice.

The dog is the most gentle animal in the world. The heart of dogs is always full with love. Sometimes some dogs do not have the ability to see with their eyes. Because they don’t have eye sight. But their hearts are full of love. So they see the whole world through that love. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a wonderful dog.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

Arafa is a very sweet shelter dog. At first, he lived as a stray dog on the streets. Street life was very difficult for him because he could not see anything. But one day, thankfully, Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer at Furever Rescue Foster a shelter for needy dogs in Cairo, Egypt, found Arafa. Embaby realized the difficult life of the poor dog and decided to take him to his shelter.

Then he was given the necessary veterinary treatment and named he as, Arafa. Arafa was one of the hundreds of dogs they rescued, but he was more special than the other dogs. Embaby paid special attention for him. Because he can’t see anything. As a result, Afafa quickly formed a close bond with Embaby. Although Arafa could not see, he never left Embaby’s side. He followed his human friend the whole day.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

When Embaby arrives at the shelter in the morning, he calls Arafa’s name. There he quickly runs to greet him. It’s an amazing bond. In Arafa’s whole world is a dark one. But the voice of his human friend was his guiding light. Embaby was his best friend. The friendship, loyalty and joy that Arafa always shows for him is truly amazing. It surprises even Embaby. It’s a great example of a dog’s unconditional pure love.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

Embaby tried on several occasions to restore his vision but it couldn’t. But thanks to Embaby and the other shelter workers’ dedication his physical and mental health grew incredibly healthy.

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