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Owner Who Can’t Walk Saves His 110llb Rottweiler From Pool by Using an Amazing Way.

Many pet owners do even the most difficult things to save the lives of their pets. At times, they even try to save their pet’s life without even thinking about it. Especially, the Rottweiler is a very large and strong breed, but there are times when they also need someone to help them. Today we are going to tell you a story like that.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

Darren Thomas, 40, is a former security boss. He lived in Cape Town, South Africa. But one day, unfortunately, he had to face spinal problem while he was on duty. So he lost his ability to walk forever. At least he could not do anything without a support. As a result, he had to leave his job. Mr. Darren had a large Rottweiler dog named “Cassius”. He was a giant dog that weighed about 110llb and he just like a family member.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

Especially, this dog loved Mr. Darren’s daughter so much. So Cassius used to sits by daughter’s feet every morning while thomas’ wife brushes her hair. It was his daily routine. But one morning the dog was not there. Everyone was very surprised. Everyone thought he must have gone somewhere. But, a few minutes later, while Darren was in the bathroom, heard Cassius’ voice.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

But that voice was very unusual.
He went to see what was going on. Then he saw Cassius was fell into the pool. He was trying hard to get out of the pool. He was also shivering from the cold. He could not save the dog alone at all. So he called to his wife, but she did not hear him. Because she was at least 20 minutes away. But he can’t even stand alone. Still, Darren wanted to save the dog.

So he used a wonderful way. At first, he grabbed the dog by both front paws and tried to pull it out. But it was not successful. Because he can’t stand up from the chair. He then grabbed the dog’s front legs and carried him around almost half the swimming pool. Eventually the dog was able to climb the stairs. After all Darren checked the camera. It revealed that the dog had fallen into the pool about 25 minutes earlier Darren arrived

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