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Rottweiler Puppy Pretends to Play to Eat Sister’s Meal.

A lot of people think that Rottweiler is an aggressive, disobedience breed. That is why many people avoid adopting Rottweiler dogs. But there is a misconception among people about them. They are not as aggressive and disobedience as humans think. When properly trained and socialized, they become a very obedient and loyal breed. Some Rottweilers work very well even with small kids.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

Providing a good socialization for Rottweilers is most essential. Because they are an aggressive breed by nature. But with proper training, they can learn about family members, relatives, other family pets, and neighbors. They also have a very good understanding of people’s daily routines as their instincts are very advanced. Moreover, they learn very well about the things they are allowed to do and the things they are not allowed to do. So there are a lot of amazing stories that prove it. Today we are going to tell you one such story. This is a story about a ridiculous act of a Rottweiler dog.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

There was a wonderful Rottweiler in a house in Auckland, New Zealand. Lola used to turn to her sister’s food bawl after finishing her meal. But Lola also knew that she was not allowed to do that. So Lola used various tactics to get her sister’s meal. One day their owner decided to recoed all this funny things. According to the video, Lola pretended to be playing and tried to eat her sister’s food from the bowl on the other side. Gradually, Lola approached her sister’s bowl, pretending to be playing. It’s really fun. She knows she’s not allowed to eat her sister’s meal. So it’s really fun when her use funny tactics for eat sister’s meal. So Rottweiler is a wonderful breed. There is no doubt about it.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

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