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Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave House After It Collapsed With Family Members.

There is nothing in this world that can compare to the dog’s love. For many pet owners, their pet is just one part of life. But not so for dogs. For them, their owner and owner’s family is their whole life. That is why dogs do not leave their family in any trouble. They stay with their family until the last moment. This is the best example of that.

Image : CEN

This heartbreaking incident was reported in 2018. Nino is a dog who loved his family very much. His whole life was his family. They lived in the Pituacu neighbourhood of Salvador in Bahia state, Brazil. But unfortunately one day he lost his whole world. One day, Nino’s house completely broke down due to heavy rain. As a result, nothing was left of the house. At least no one survived in Nino’s family. All four of his family loved ones had to left their lives. Thankfully, only Nino’s life was survived. After a while, rescue teams started searching for the homeowners, and neighbors saw the family dog crawling through the debris.

Everyone was amazed at how the dog was survived. The dog ran towards his home, but rescue workers tried to catch him but could not. He stayed hidden in the collapsed house. Perhaps he felt that his owners were in the house. They used a net to catch the dog but it was not successful. He never seemed ready to leave his family and home. A family relative said Nino had lived there with his family for about eight years. There was a very strong bond between the family and the dog and the little kids of the family loved the dog very much. He was not only a domestic dog but he was also like a member of their family. But, it is not clear what happened to the dog in the end.

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