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Little Boy Jumps Into the Pool To Save Pet Rottweiler’s Life.

The Rottweiler is one of the strongest and largest breeds in the dog world. Due to their strength and appearance, they have become one of the most popular breeds in the world. Because of these reasons they are also used for security units in many countries. But no matter how strong they are, there are times they also need someone’s help. We are going to tell you such a story today.

Image : Instagram/michelbermudesauer

Nitro is a very friendly big Rottweiler. Nitro’s family had an 11-year-old boy, Matheus Felipe. He and the dog were very good friends. This incredible incident happened in their home in the neighbourhood of Morada de Laranjeiras in the Brazilian municipality of Serra. One day Nitro had been sniffing around the edge of their backyard pool. Camera footage confirmed he was walking near the pool to trying to retrieve the ball it had been playing with. While walking, something unexpected happened. Nitro lost his balance and he fell into the pool. Nitro does not know how to swim, no matter how big and strong the rottweiler is.

Image : Instagram/michelbermudesauer

So he made a desperate attempt to keep his head above the water. Meanwhile, Matheus, the boy in the family, was watching cartoons inside house. As he was watching the cartoon he heard a commotion coming from the garden and he ran outside to check what was going on. Mathews could not think of anything when he saw his beloved Rottweiler pet splashing in the pool. He ran fast and jumped into the pool. The young boy then managed to get the Rottweiler pet out of the pool. After he saved the dog, the dog started licking him saying ‘thank you’ for saving his life.

Image : Instagram/michelbermudesauer

He wanted to save his pet as soon as possible somehow. So he jumped into the pool with full clothes and socks. The boy told the media that the pool was very cold that day. The boy is a reall hero. Because the Rottweiler weighed about 20 kilograms. But he managed to push the dog to safety. Matheus’ parents were at home at the time but did not know any of this because they were upstairs.

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