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Dog Meets His ‘Twin’ Brother On The Way to The Market And Convinces Mom To Bring Him Home.

Dogs have the same feelings like us. Dogs feel everything we feel. Not just dogs but every animal can feel every things we feel. But unfortunately most people do not understand it. But it’s really lucky to have an owner who can understand that.

Image : b3thany/Instagram

Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend are a couple with golden hearts. They were already adopted two elderly cats and a young rescue dog named Rogue. They lived as one family. One day, Coleman was walking with his dog through a local farmer’s market. There they came across a dog that looked very similar to Rogue. As soon as he saw the dog, Rogue fell in love with him. He was an eight-month-old puppy and he also fell in love with Rogue very soon. Rogue behaved as if he convinces his mother to take him home.

Image : b3thany/Instagram

They were already going to rent an apartment. So they thought that no one would want to rent a house for two people, two cats and two dogs. But they did not think twice about adopting this puppy. Because they could not miss this puppy. After being brought home, the puppy was named Beast and Rogue and Beast looked like twin brothers. Because the two of them look very similar. Also, Rogue was treated Beast as if he was his twin, separated at birth. Their bond was so wonderful and strong. Later, they all moved into a house in Hawaii. Now they all are one family. There was a strong bond between them that nothing in the world can ever break. After the Beast coming to the family, Rogue had to get used to sharing everything. At first it was a bit difficult. Because he was used to being the only dog in the family. But gradually he adapted to that life.

Image : b3thany/Instagram

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