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Vets Had to Put Down Rottweiler After His Tongue Stuck in the Popular Chew Toy.

Dogs are like little kids. It is difficult for them to choose what is right and what is wrong. But it is the responsibility of the owners to provide only what suits them. But even the owners can miss some things. Today we are going to tell you about such an event.

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Dog owners love the dog as much as they love their kids. So they give their pets everything they want. But this excessive love can sometimes even lost the life of a pet. Maximus, or max, was a very lucky Rottweiler. Because his owners loved him so much. So he got everything he wanted. He also had a lot of toys. He had everything he wanted. But one day something unexpected happened. Kong is Max’s favorite chewing toy. This is a very popular dog toy that looks like a snowman.

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One day while he was playing with it, the owner’s son noticed noticed something was wrong. He said Max’s ball is stuck in his mouth. But at first the owner did not pay much attention to it. But in the middle of the night the dog began to bark very strangely and he jumped on top of owner. So she went to check the dog. There she saw that the toy was completely stuck around his tongue. At first she tried to take the ball away. But it couldn’t get out. When they realized that something was wrong, they took the dog to the vet as soon as possible. There the vets ultimately had to cut the toy away from the tongue. But Max’s condition was not good at all. Because they were too late. Also the veterinarians said that it was difficult to save his life. Therefore, the veterinarians had to decide to put down the dog. But it was a difficult decision not only for the vets but also for the owners.

After the incident, however, the toy company said it was taking steps to change the toys to make them safer for dogs. This toy is no hole on top. There’s a hole on the bottom. So it just got sucked on his tongue.

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