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Two Teenagers Cut Off This Dog’s One Ear And Hind Legs. Finally She Found New Life.

Every animal in this world should deserve a loving and dignified life. It is a their right. It is the responsibility of pet owners to provide love and respect, especially for their pets. But unfortunately most people do not understand it. Many people think that only people need love and respect.

Image : Dog Rescue/Youtube

Saboor lived in the streets waiting for this. Her life has not been pleasant since she was a little puppy. Where this dog lived, there were many homeless pets roaming the streets. One day this dog met two teenagers. So instead of helping this poor homeless dog, they cut off her ears and hind legs. But she was a very strong dog and she was able to save her life from them. After losing an ear and legs, her life became more difficult. But no one came forward to help her.

Image : Dog Rescue/Youtube

But luckily a team of rescue members was able to find her. They took her for treatment as soon as possible. Although she has lost both of her hind legs, she wags her tail veru speed. She never ready to give up her life. At the shelter she started playing with toys and did not know she was different from the other dogs. Saboor found his own unique way of doing everything. She’s really good at everything. Eventually a man who runs a shelter for special needs animals decided to adopt Saboor. Because he thought he could give her enough care and attention. This man also met a local engineer who made eheel buggies for dogs. That was to make a buggy for her. Finally she got a new lease of life.

Image : Dog Rescue/Youtube

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