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Dog Jumps Into the Deep Water to Save Baby Deer’s Life.

Dogs are always superheroes. They are the best friend of the entire animal kingdom. Because many dogs always come forward to save the lives of others. The dog is truly a gift from God to humans. They can make this world a very beautiful place.

Image : Mike Freeley/Facebook

Storm is such a wonderful dog. He is also a superhero. One day he went for a walk on the Long Island Sound as usual with his owner, Mike Freeley. But he did not think he would be able to save a life during this walk. As they were walking, they saw an animal trying to stay afloat, can’t to survive. Mike had no time to think about anything. As soon as he saw it, dog swam towards that animal. When look slclosely, Mike saw it was a baby deer that could not swim. The Golden Retriever soon realized that the animal needed help. So he ran ahead of the owner and jumped into the water. Mike was amazed at the dog. He started recording all of this. The dog approached the deer and he gently and carefully grabbed the baby deer by the neck. He then dragged the deer towards the shore like a rescue officer.

Image : Mike Freeley/Facebook

And when they got to a safe place, he gently licked the deer. Maybe that was to keep her dry and warm. Also he sat by the fawn, tending to her, trying to get her up. The deer was a little confuse. So she tried to run into the water again. Eventually Mark called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League and volunteers came to help the baby deer. They took her and treated her. So she recovered quickly. Everyone said that the deer’s life was saved thanks to Storm’s quick response. Her life would definitely end if dog did not jump into the water.

Image : Mike Freeley/Facebook

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