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Tiny Dog Barks for Five Hours to Save Her 92-Year-Old Owner

The dog is a great animal. There is no animal in the world that can be compared with the dog. Some people think dogs are not intelligent but they can keep in mind everything very well.They can also identify everything. In fact, the dog is our best friend. This is an another wonderful story that proves that.

Image : ABC Action News

Marie Alexander is a 92-year-old woman. She had a Chihuahua dog named Sassy. In 2010, Marie rescued Sassy from a shelter. Sassy’s previous owner had to move to a nursing home so she could not take the dog. So she handed the dog to a shelter and Marie rescued her from the shelter. From that day on, between the two of them developed an incredible bond. The two could not be separate to anyone. Sassy followed Mari everywhere. Moreover, when Marie sits on her recliner, Sassy sits in her lap. But Marie never thought that this bond would save her life.

Image : ABC Action News

One day Marie went to check the mail outside her Inverness home. Sassy also followed her. After checking the mail, while she was walking back to her house, she tripped on one of her pathway’s stones and fell to the ground. As a result, her head hit the ground very hard. There was no one to help her. Sassy was the only one next to her. The dog quickly realized that his owner needed help very quickly. So she started barking for help from every vehicle on the road. In between barking at vehicles, dog would come back and check on her owner. No one could see her because of the fence and bushes. She crawled nearest house where her son and daughter-in-law live. But no one was in the house. They return in the evening.

Five hours passed. But No one came to her help her. But the dog kept barking for help. She never left her owner alone for a moment. Five hours later someone walked by the home and Sassy quickly ran to the fence and started barking at the person. Then he saw that Marie was laying in the yard. So he quickly ran to help her and took her for treatments as soon as possible. Even after Marie returned home, Sassy did not move near her. In the end, Marie says she did not save the Sassy, but Sassy saved her.

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