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Abandoned, Starved Rottweiler Left His Life On Vet’s Table

Every dog wants to live with a loving owner. And every dog should have a loving owner. But unfortunately not every dog has such loving owners. Some people do not even understand how feels to their pets. It is truly unfortunate to have such an owner.

Rottweiler dogs are an aggressive breed by nature. But when well trained they become very loving, gentle and loyal dogs. So many people dreaming about adopting a Rottweiler. Because their loyalty is unbelievably high. But because they are so expensive, most people cannot buy them. But some people do not know their value. One Christmas day, the RSPCA received unbelievable news about a Rottweiler dog. This dog was completely abandoned by his owner and was not given proper nutrition. So after learning this, a RSPCA team went to the rescue the dog as soon as possible.


When they found the dog, they were completely surprised. The dog was so weak that only skin was left. He was very weak due to lack of food and dehydrated due to lack of water. At least the dog can’t stand up. His name is Oscar. When they found this dog, he weighed only 17.5kg. Rescuers wanted to take him to the vet as soon as possible. But their attempt was not successful. After taking Oscar to the vet, he left his life on the veterinarian’s table. But they did everything they could to save his life. But none of that worked.

RSPCA official Callum Isit said they could have saved his life if only they’d called them earlier. Authorities say the dog’s owner, Duncan Bexley, 23, of Sandbach Place in Greenwich, will not be allowed to raise animals. And they ordered him to pay £730 in costs.

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