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After Lots of Rejections, Dog Starts Making His Own Bed To Win Adopters’ Hearts

None of us like to be reject. But shelter animals and stray animals often have to be reject by peoples. They have to endure it. It’s very normal. But some animals do not Bear the rejection. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a shelter dog.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

The “SICSA Pet Adoption Center” in Ohio had a wonderful dog, Rush. At first, this young pit bull lived on the streets as a stray dog. There was no one to love or care for him. He did not want to being alone after rescuers brought him to the shelter. His behavior was so confused. But after giving him his own bed and blanket, his condition was became normal. He is a very innocent dog. Pitbull dogs can become very aggressive if not properly trained. But Rush, who lived on the street, was not like that. He is a very gentle dog. Every night, he would find comfort in his blanket. And he also pray for a forever home every day.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

But no one wanted to adopt him. Everyone rejected him. That’s because he’s a street rescue pit bull. They thought he would become an aggressive dog. So his heart was broken every time everyone rejected him. So one day he started doing something amazing to get people’s attention. It’s really heartwarming. He tried to making his cage as best as he could. He also tried to make his own bed. That is to show that he is a good friend.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

So the shelter staff decided to share Rush’s wonderful story on social media. It quickly became popular and everyone was amazed at the dog. Also, many people asked the shelter about his adoption status. Also, many people applied to adopt him. Out of all those, the shelter finally chose a suitable couple. The couple adopted Rush and the new parents were very loving. So from then on his life began to change very nicely.

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