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Rottweiler And Little Girl Bouncing Madly On The Trampoline

Adopting a Rottweiler dog is a dream of lot of peoples. Because the Rottweiler is one of the most popular breeds in the world. But some people like to adopt Rottweiler dogs, but they do not. Because they think that no matter how popular the Rottweiler is, it is a difficult breed to raise at home. But it really is not.

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Rottweiler dogs are a very gentle loving breed like other dogs. A lot of people think that Rottweilers are not suitable for small kids. This is because they are a very large and aggressive breed. But from this story you will understand how gentle they are to kids. Alex, the three-year-old girl, lived in Jackson, Wyoming. She had a Rottweiler in her house. This two-year-old dog named Kona is a very playful and gentle girl. And there was a very sweet friendship between the dog and little Alex. Kona is not an ordinary friend to Alex. She really is a great sports companion for the little girl.

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One day, Alex’s parents posted a video on the Internet confirming this. The little girl was bouncing on a trampoline and playing. Seeing this, Kona also bouncing on Trampoline and began to copy every movement of the little girl. It’s really cool. It was a wonderful game not only for the little girl but also for the dog. Alex’s parents say this is Kona’s and her daughter’s favorite sport. They were both very happy with it. Kona is just like a little girl. And she’s like a family girl. So it is not correct to say that the Rottweiler is a breed that cannot be raising with small kuds. Because with proper training and socialization, they can become very gentle and loving dogs.

Image : Viral hog

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